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By George Grossmith

ISBN-10: 1853262013

ISBN-13: 9781853262012

The diary is that of a guy who recognizes that he's no longer a "Somebody" - Charles Pooter of 'The Laurels', Brickfield Terrace, Holloway, a clerk within the urban of London - and it chronicles in hilarious element the typical lifetime of the decrease center category in the course of the nice Victorian age.

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Besides, I found after all, it was not my poor old uncle’s stick you painted. It was only a shilling thing I bought at a tobacconist’s. —Carrie back. Hoorah! She looks wonderfully well, except that the sun has caught her nose. —Carrie brought down some of my shirts and advised me to take them to Trillip’s round the corner. ” Lor! how we roared. I thought we should never stop laughing. As I happened to be sitting next the driver going to town on the ’bus, I told him my joke about the “frayed” shirts.

At supper, young Mutlar did several amusing things. He took up a knife, and with the flat part of it played a tune on his cheek in a wonderful manner. He also gave an imitation of an old man with no teeth, smoking a big cigar. The way he kept dropping the cigar sent Carrie into fits. In the course of conversation, Daisy’s name cropped up, and young Mutlar said he would bring his sister round to us one evening—his parents being rather oldfashioned, and not going out much. Carrie said we would get up a little special party.

Lupin startles us with an announcement. —Home sweet Home again! Carrie bought some pretty blue-wool mats to stand vases on. Fripps, Janus and Co. write to say they are sorry they have no vacancy among their staff of clerks for Lupin. —I bought a pair of stags’ heads made of plaster-of-Paris and coloured brown. They will look just the thing for our little hall, and give it style; the heads are excellent imitations. Poolers and Smith are sorry they have nothing to offer Lupin. —Simply to please Lupin, and make things cheerful for him, as he is a little down, Carrie invited Mrs.

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