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ABBRV. ADA. amicus curiae. N. (Latin) Friend of the court; someone who is not a party to a lawsuit but who has a strong interest in the subject matter of a case and petitions the court for permission to file a brief providing information on the matter to aid the court in rendering its decision; such a brief is called an amicus curiae brief or amicus brief. Page 29 Essential Legal Dictionary:Layout 1 4/21/08 amnesty 5:23 PM 30 amnesty. N. An official pardon granted by a government to a group of people forgiving them for past crimes, usually political crimes such as treason or draft evasion.

N. Failure to perform acts promised in a contract. breach of duty. N. Failure to perform legal or moral duties, or to use the care that a reasonable man or woman would use in given circumstances. breach of trust. N. A trustee’s failure to properly perform duties required by the trust. Page 59 Essential Legal Dictionary:Layout 1 4/21/08 breaking 5:23 PM 60 breaking. N. Forcibly opening a door, window, or gaining other access to a building; the force required can be very slight, as in opening a closed and unlocked door.

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