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By David Wolcott, Tom Head

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British lawmakers, not unaware of this practice, passed the Tea Act in 1773, granting the East India Company—a British tea company subject to the tea tax—freedom to import its tea directly to North America without passing through Britain, which would grant it relief from most tariffs and result in a price that, even after the tax, would be lower than the smuggled Dutch tea. The end result would be a near-monopoly for the East India Company and near-universal payment of what many colonists regarded as an unfair tax.

1767 • June 29: The British government passes the Townshend Revenue Act, which levies taxes on paper, lead, paint, certain types of glass, and tea. 32 Crime and Punishment in America The 1770 Boston Massacre heightened tensions between the British government and American colonists in the years prior to the American Revolution. (National Archives and Records Administration [518263]) 1770 • March 5: A crowd of protesters gather to heckle a British soldier who had been accused of striking a young colonist.

Nobody’s goods were confiscated, except those who had violated their contract, or the order by which they were bound; and if anybody thinks that injustice has been done him by confiscation, he can speak for himself. Cornelis van Tienhoven, from Answer to the Representation of New Netherland (1650), reprinted in J. , The Cumorah Project. txt. C H A P T E R T WO A New System of Justice 1700–1789 By the end of the 17th century, England had emerged as the dominant colonial power in North America. 1 The Dutch colonial presence had completely collapsed with the English conquest of New Netherland in 1664, the French outposts in North America met with little success, and the Spanish colonial presence in the Americas, though considerable, was situated primarily in Central and South America.

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