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By Ramis E., Deschamps C., Odoux J.

ISBN-10: 2225634041

ISBN-13: 9782225634048

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In nearly each business program the so-called two-equation types are used as turbulence types. those are statistical turbulence types, which utilize the Reynolds averaging approach. in engineering those types are extremely important. The significant challenge of those types is the formula of the reynolds rigidity tensor.

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R. The variance in the nominator of the test statistic is given by Liu et al. [10] for the special case of no ties in the data. A general derivation can be found in Leissen [9]. It can be shown that the statistic LIT is a special case of the statistic LRT(w) given in (6). For the proof it is needed that m e.. = k m k m i=1 j=1 d. j ∑ ∑ ei j = ∑ n. j ∑ ni j = ∑ d. j = d.. j=1 i=1 j=1 (9) Now consider that the numerator of LIT can be rewritten as k−1 m m r=1 j=1 j=1 ∑ L(r) = ∑ (d1 j − e1 j ) + .

Xn . Additionally, many time series show seasonal effects and so X1 , . . , Xn are not identically distributed, even if there is no monotonic trend. We modify the hypothesis of randomness for seasonal data to handle at least the second problem: Firstly, if there is a cycle of k periods, the random sample X = (X1 , . . , Xn ) is splitted into k parts X = (X1 , X2 , . . , Xk ) with X j = (X1, j , X2, j , . . , Xn j , j ) and Xi, j = Xk(i−1)+ j (1) On Nonparametric Tests for Trend Detection 21 for j = 1, .

Hettmansperger and Norton [5] look at the k-sample test problem with location shifts in the alternative HHN 0 : θ1 = . . = θk vs. HHN 1 : θi = θ0 + θ ci (θ > 0, θ0 ∈ R) with arbitrary but fixed ci . Amongst others they propose the test statistic HNT = HN Var(HN) (gi − gi ) Uii , ni ni i=1 i =i+1 k−1 with HN = k ∑ ∑ (18) where Uii is defined as in (12) and gi = λi (ci − c¯w ) with λi = nni , n = ∑ki=1 ni , and c¯w = ∑ki=1 λi ci . , ci = 1, . . , ci = k in the case of an increasing alternative.

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