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By Richard Baker

ISBN-10: 0786953071

ISBN-13: 9780786953073

Go swords with pirates in ny Times best-selling writer Richard Baker’s newest adventure!

while pirates threaten his domestic, Geran is elected via town council to trace the blood-thirsty pirates to their hidden base, infiltrate them, and locate how to cease them sooner than it’s too past due. however the pirates are stimulated by way of greater than greed. family members to his enemies, they search a deeper revenge, one Geran in simple terms starts to glimpse after they kidnap the girl he loves.

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54 A P When Martia left the city and returnea to her lands, she happily said farewell to the metropolis. The swordswoman had little patiencefor the bureaucrats and their ilk who filled the place m e good-for-nothing vermin. Back in her homelands, she feltfree. However, circumstances would not allow Martia any rest. Cardax, the vile necromancer, still held much powerdespite the loss of his monstrous ally, Drahlix. All across Martia's lands, the people, heartened by Martia's victoy over the evil dragon, were taking up arms and rising up against Cardax's unholy oppression.

To dentify a magical item, the appraiser nust spend one full day inspecting it and :ons lting local historians. The materials for his i entification process cost one-half of he it m's XP value. Appraisers usually pass his c st on to the owner of the item, in iddit on to their usual fee of 1-3% of the tem' determmed value. oil uQder his appraising skill score. Failure ndic tes that the appraiser has not dent ied the item. A roll of 100 means that he adpraiser has somehow misidentified he m gical item.

Martia considered this for a moment. "Very well, Wendat. " i The engineer is one of the most unsung heroes of medieval fantasy. Without engineers, there would not be any castles, bridges, cathedrals, or architectural wonders of any kind. Eloen and dwarven engineers also figure importantlv in many fantasy settings. These dernihhman builders are responsible for fantastic tree-cities and vast subterranean realms. From a game point of view, military engineers occupv a rather important role, as well.

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Corsair (Forgotten Realms: Blades of the Moonsea, Book 2) by Richard Baker

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