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Charles Fran?ois Sturm used to be born in Geneva, Switzerland, on September 29, 1803. He got his medical schooling during this urban and started his wealthy clinical profession there via major learn in sound propagation and compressibility of fluids. In September of 2003, at the get together of the two hundredth anniversary of his start, his domestic urban honoured his around the globe reputation with a colloquium and workshop less than the sponsorship of the collage of Geneva.

This quantity relies on lectures awarded at that colloquium, which fascinated by C.F. Sturm's personal paintings. The booklet features a number of reproductions of his medical guides. Sturm contributed particularly to geometry (theory of polygons, basic geometry, projective geometry, conic sections), algebra, research (differential equations, series), optics (caustics, physiological optics), mechanics, and different components of physics (particularly fluid mechanics and pace of sound in water).

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Thus there is at least one pair which, without loss of generality, we will take to be V1 12 There is a typographical error here in the paper in that r is actually denoted by α. Charles François Sturm and Differential Equations 43 and V4 say, for which V1 > 0 and V4 > 0. Now, since det(Aα + B) = 0, one of the quantities V1 , . . , V5 may be chosen arbitrarily. We will take this to be V2 , and assume that V2 > 0. It remains to show that V3 , V5 > 0. To this end consider the two relations, among the five linear equations relating the V ’s: G33 V3 + G35 V5 = p1 G35 V3 + G55 V5 = p2 , where p1 and p2 are non-negative.

Audience scientifique: impact sur la recherche mathématique Le théorème de Sturm ne fut pas seulement le favori des professeurs ou auteurs de traités des deux continents. Il exerça également une influence profonde et considérable sur le cours même des mathématiques. Décennie après décennie, traversant les siècles, il engendra tout un «cycle d’idées sturmiennes» 28 et inspira des générations de mathématiciens de tout premier ordre, comme J. J. Sylvester, A. Cauchy, A. Cayley, C. G. Jacobi, Ch. Hermite, L.

Then r = 1 is a root of multiplicity 5, yet A is positive-definite. In order to find an example in which all the entries of A, B are non-zero, it suffices now to take the case where given a positive-definite matrix A, all of whose entries are non-zero, we choose B = −A. Then r = 1 is again a root of multiplicity 5. Such examples are also readily found in any dimensions. Sturm (modestly) emphasized that the stated result on the reality etc. of the roots was not new and had been treated earlier by Laplace [Celestial Mechanics, Book 2; Chapter 6].

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