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By León Olivé

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Hogen's response emphasizes the necessity of the actual "seeking" of the self for the self. 58. This question refers to four enlightenment stories. Kyogen Chikan (d. 898, Xiangyan Zhixian in Chinese), a student of Isan (Guishan), awakened while sweeping when he heard a pebble strike bamboo. Reiun Shigon (ninth century, Lingyun Zhiqin in Chinese) another student of lsan, awakened seeing peach blossoms. " Ananda awakened. , The Gateless Barrier: The Wu-men Kuan (Mumonkan) (San Francisco: North Point Press, 1990), Case 16.

REPLY: The sacred practice of maintaining the precepts is indeed the guiding rule of the Zen gate and the traditional style of buddhas and ancestors, but even those who have not yet received precepts or who have broken the precepts still do not lack the possibility [to practice zazen]. 46 QUESTION TwELVE: Will it be a problem if people who work diligently at 34 A Translation of Eihei Donen s Ben dow a this zazen also combine it with practicing shingon or shikan? 47 REPLY: When I was in China and had a chance to ask my teacher about the essence, he said he had never heard that the ancestors who properly transmitted buddha mudra from ancient to present times in India and China had ever combined practices like that.

7. Tendo Nyoj6, (1163-1228, Tiantong Rujing in Chinese) transmitted the S6t6 lineage (Caodong in Chinese) to Dagen. 8. Sheting, a Chinese era name, is pronounced Shotei in Japanese. 9. ); Mahakashyapa, a disciple of Shakyamuni, was considered to be the First Ancestor of Zen. Vulture Peak was the site in Northern India where Shakyamuni spoke the Lotus Sutra. ), Twentyeighth Ancestor from Mahakashyapa, is considered the First Ancestor of Zen in China. 10. Taiso Eka (487-593, Dazu Huike in Chinese).

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