Download PDF by Stanislaw Balcerzyk, Tadeusz Jozefiak, Maciej Juniewicz,: Commutative Rings: Dimension Multiplicity and Homological

By Stanislaw Balcerzyk, Tadeusz Jozefiak, Maciej Juniewicz, Sergiusz Kowalski

ISBN-10: 0745806201

ISBN-13: 9780745806204

The current quantity is the sequel to "Commutative Noetherian and Krull earrings" through a similar authors. the 2 books, handled as an entire, shape a self-contained presentation of the basics of the speculation of commutative earrings. the fundamental notion of this ebook is to teach the energy of homological tools in a few selected components of commutative ring concept. Ring-theoretic notions are far and wide outlined in only ring-theoretic phrases and their homological descriptions or characterizations are built to be able to allow complete software of homological algebra. Cohen-Macaulay and Gorenstein jewelry are given the 1st systematic presentation of such scope in booklet shape. all of the effects (most of them with proofs) from homological algebra that are wanted commonly textual content are gathered within the Appendix. on the finish of every bankruptcy there's a brief part containing a few old comments on issues relating to the bankruptcy. The e-book is meant as s textual content for graduate scholars and complicated undergraduates.

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1 If Q, Q' are two different prime ideals in R[X}, and Q c Q' while QnR = Q'nR = P, thenQ = PR[X]. Proof Replacing the ring R by R/P, we can assume without loss of generality that P = 0. Write S for the multiplicative set R"-(0), and observe that R[X]5 = K[X], where K is the field of fractions of R. By the assumption, QnS = Q'nS = 0, hence QR[X]s c Q'R[X]s are different prime ideals in R[X]5 • Since R[X]s is a principal ideal ring, QR[X]s = 0, hence Q = 0. 2 If Q0 c Q1 c Q2 is a chain of prime ideals of the ring R[X], then Q0 nR '# Q2 nR.

Thus the module Im(D) is ge11erated by D(j1 + IDP), ... , D(j,. + IDl2). Since the rank. of the matrix [ ;~, (a)] is, by definition, equal to the dimension of the space Im(D), we have actually proved (7) because rol/(ID12 +P) ~ ma/m~. 0 The space tangent to the variety Vat the point a is defined by the system of equations n L ;~ fal (a)(X,-a,) = 0, j = 1, .. , '· (9) I which, as can easily be deduced from the foregoing calculations, is equivalent to the system n ~ aw ~ax, (a)(X1-a1) = 0 for all w eP.

Form a chain of prime ideals of length d, whence d ~ dimR. Thus we get d = dimR, and consequently the elements u1 , ... , form a regular set of parameters. D 42 Dimension and Multiplicity [Ch. 20 From the preceding theorem it follows that any permutation of a regular sequence of generators of the maximal ideal in a local ring is also a regular sequence. In Chapter III, we shall show that this property is valid for all regular sequences in a local ring. 21 If {u 1 , ... , ud} is a regular set of parameters of a local ring R, then for any k, I ::::; k ::::; d, the local ring R/(u 1 , ...

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