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Cityscape positive aspects city-building ideas, new techniques for city-based characters, city-based encounters, and principles for city terrain. the sport fabric is totally appropriate with the D&D middle rulebooks and comprises timesaving instruments and suggestions for any city crusade. the cloth during this complement is suitable for either D&D avid gamers and Dungeon Masters and comprises content material that appeals to either

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2d4) lb. ILBARSI These people are known for their metalsmithing. This seafaring people make their living by trading in foreign ports. SHERRANPIP CADIS A foreign country of which little is known. The descriptive “Cadite” is also used to describe someone of a lascivious mien, which may mean that people from Cadis are known for being promiscuous, perverted, and so on. CLEEA A country on the northeast coast of the continent that is famous for its navy. Little is known of this distant country (or possible island) except that it lies southeast of Sanctuary.

There are many natural hazards that make traversing the mire risky. Quicksand, wasting diseases, strangling vines, poisonous snakes, and giant carnivorous crabs are only a few of the frightful things awaiting the traveler foolish enough to set foot in the swamp’s stinking quagmire. Even given these hazards, the legends of lost treasure buried deep within ruined estates are all too common and alluring. While most such stories aren’t credible, an occasional tale rings of enough truth to attract one or more fortuneseekers.

With the decline of the Rankan Empire, they believe it possible for their people to rise once more. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Nisibisi are small of stature, rarely taller than 5 feet 6 inches. Their bodies are slight and athletic, and they are nimble and catlike in their movements. They have pale skin and dark hair and eyes. They do not tan, and those who cannot protect themselves from the sun typically have ruddy complexions as a result of sun-scarred skin. Their fine features are exaggerated among the Nisibisi aristocracy, who have porcelain-white skin and raven-black hair and eyes.

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