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Brings jointly the newest learn within the mobile and molecular biology of bones and tooth, together with purposes to clinical and dental perform. An interdisciplinary team of members addresses keep an eye on of bone formation, resorption and remodelling, osteoblast differentiation and osteoclast job, components influencing dental extracellular matrix biomineralization, non-collagen proteins in bone and their functionality, hormonal legislation of bone development, and extra.


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Dev Biol 111:84-94 Rowe DA, Fallon J F 1982 Normal anterior pattern formation after barrier placement in the chick leg. J Embryol Exp Morph 69:l-6 Ruch JV 1985 Odontoblast differentiation and the formation of the odontoblast layer. J Dent Res 64:48%498 Spemann H 1938 Embryonic development and induction. J. Friedenstein' * MRC Bone Research Laboratory, Nufield Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, ' University of Oxford, Oxford, UK and Immunomorphological Laboratory, Gamaleya Institute for Microbiology and Epidemiology, Moscow, USSR Abstract.

For example, tenascin (SAM) immunostaining was inversely related to odontoblast differentiation (Chiquet-Ehrismann et al 1986). Cranial neural crest-derived dental ectomesenchyme cells that were stained for tenascin lost this staining as they differentiated into the odontoblast lineage (Chiquet-Ehrismann et al 1986, I. Thesleff, unpublished paper, I11 International Tooth Morphogenesis and Differentiation Workshop, Alund, 12 June 1987). During ectomesenchyme differentiation into odontoblasts in cap stage M,, fibronectin and type I11 collagen were no longer detected (Thesleff & Hurmerinta 1981).

Previous studies used late cap to early bell stages of tooth organs, and cultured explants for periods of 10-14 days. We used a number of strategies and assays for dentine- and enamel-specific patterns of biomineralization including: (i) von Kossa histochemistry to evaluate calcium phosphate salt deposition; (ii) anhydrous fixation and processing of cultured tooth organs; (iii) C d P ratio determination by microprobe analysis; and (iv) electron diffraction analysis to identify calcium hydroxyapatite crystal formation.

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