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By Mantak Chia

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Lively therapeutic massage innovations that dispel detrimental feelings, relieve pressure, and increase the senses, inner organs, and fearful procedure • exhibits how Chi therapeutic massage employs one’s personal inner strength to advertise rejuvenation • offers Chi therapeutic massage recommendations for each organ and physically procedure • offers an everyday perform regimen that calls for in simple terms five to ten mins to accomplish The Western notion of therapeutic massage basically matters muscle manipulation. within the perform of Chi therapeutic massage, inner strength, or Chi, is manipulated to bolster and rejuvenate the feel organs--eyes, ears, nostril, tongue, tooth, and skin--and the inner organs. The Taoist ideas during this perform are greater than 5,000 years previous and, till very lately, have been heavily guarded secrets and techniques handed down from grasp to pupil with each one grasp frequently realizing just a small a part of the full procedure. In Chi Self-Massage grasp Mantak Chia items jointly the full process of Chi therapeutic massage right into a logical regimen, revealing the equipment utilized by Taoist masters to take care of their youthfulness. He explains the vigorous conception at the back of Chi therapeutic massage and the way damaging feelings impact the organs and frightened method. by means of working towards the workouts defined and following the day-by-day regimen that calls for merely five to ten mins to accomplish, readers can increase their senses--most particularly imaginative and prescient, listening to, and taste--detoxify their inner organs and glands, aid regulate damaging feelings, relieve pressure and constipation, and enhance their complexion, enamel and gums, and total stamina.

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When the muscles of the mouth are loose because of stress, depression, or sadness, the corners of the mouth drop and the energy system is depressed and in low key. No one likes to look at a sad face or a depressed face; it makes other people feel sad and depressed, too. The flow of energy in the body and the expression of the face are the main attractive powers of a person. Massaging the mouth muscles up will help to lift the corners of the mouth. The Inner Smile and lifting up the corners of the mouth are very important to building up attractive energy.

VIII. Preparation A. Wait at least an hour after eating. B. Try this practice immediately after doing the Inner Smile or Six Healing Sounds, *For the best results, if you have already learned the Microcosmic Orbit or Fusion Meditations, try this technique after practicing these as well. C. Sit comfortably on your sitting bones at the edge of a chair. Make sure that your legs are grounded. D. In general, massage each area six to nine times. Massage problem areas more. E. Those people who cannot get out of bed can practice the routine there.

When your face feels hot, picture energy flowing to your hands. When your hands are very warm, bring your attention to your face and hold your breath until your face gets hot. Galea Aponeurotica Frontal Corrugator Supercilii Procerus Orbicularis Oculi Nasalis Zygomatic Major Levator Labii Superioris. Masseter Zygomatic Minor Levator Anguli Oris Risorius Depressor Anguli Oris Depressor Labii Inferioris Mental Fig. 6 Facial Muscles - 49 - Head Massage C. Forehead (Fig. 7) Using alternate hands, wipe your forehead from one side to the other six to nine times.

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