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Professional personality sheets for the 4th variation Dungeons & Dragons® Roleplaying Game.Encased in a convenient pocket folder, those professional Dungeons & Dragons personality sheets comprise all of the info gamers have to construct, run, and tune their 4th variation D&D Roleplaying video game characters. each one personality sheet is double-sided and designed for optimum playability. moreover, those personality sheets are designed to help characters of all periods and degrees.

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He will immediately request that people entering here leave by the way they came. Character: Cookie is loyal to Hogan and has orders to let no one come into the back room. He will yell for the city guard and, if necessary, attack anyone refusing to leave the room. H16c. Fogli's Room >The room has a few furnishings for guests. There is a single bed, its blankets draped down over the sides. Treasure: Under the bed is a locked chest marked "Fogli Forkbeard" that contains beneath some cloths, 120 sp, 80 gp, and a silver dagger.

One large book sits open on the desk in the center of the room. Play: There is a secret door at the south end of the east wall that leads to the compound just behind the temple. The book is in Lore. Lore: The book is labeled Ledger of the Sandvoyagers' Guild and is full of columns of numbers. Careful inspection of the book shows two types of handwriting. Entries in the first hand indicate good profits and a healthy business. This handwriting then ends. Entries made in the second hand show that profits have dropped off sharply.

Play: There is a pressure plate 10 feet into the corridor. Any weight in excess of 10 pounds on the platform will cause the four bows to release one silver arrow each. Everyone in the corridor must make a dexterity check to avoid being hit. Those who fail suffer 1-6 points of damage. ) After striking, the arrows disappear, only to magically reappear in the bows of the statue. K4. Main Outer Temple >The door opens to reveal a 30-foot square room covered with ornate hieroglyphics. Against the center of the south wall there stands a large statue of a man with his arms folded across his chest.

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