Causation, Permission, and Transfer: Argument realisation in by Brian Nolan, Gudrun Rawoens, Elke Diedrichsen PDF

By Brian Nolan, Gudrun Rawoens, Elke Diedrichsen

ISBN-10: 9027259321

ISBN-13: 9789027259325

This publication bargains a accomplished investigative research of the argument realisation of the suggestions of causative function, enable, let/allow and transfer in a vast cross-linguistic typologically varied mixture of languages with provide, GET, TAKE, positioned, and allow verbs. This quantity stands because the first systematic exploration of those verbs and ideas as they ensue in advanced occasions and clauses. This publication brings jointly students and researchers from various functionally encouraged theoretical backgrounds that experience labored on those verbs inside of one language or from a cross-linguistic viewpoint. the target is to appreciate the linguistic behaviour of the verbs and their inter-relationships inside a latest cognitive-functional linguistic standpoint. The languages represented comprise Irish, German, Slavic (West Slavic: Polish, Czech, Slovak and Sorbian and Western South Slavic: Slovenian and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian), Germanic, Romance, Gan chinese language Yichun dialect, Māori, Bohairic Coptic, Shaowu chinese language, Hebrew, English, Lithuanian, Estonian, the Australian dialects Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara, Italian, and Persian. themes mentioned contain argument constitution and the encoding of arguments less than causation, permission and transferverbs, their lexical semantics and occasion constitution.

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Discussion In this paper we have discussed direct lexicalised causation with give, put, take and get verbs of Modern Irish, and make causation where some element of coercion of the causee is involved. We have also discussed less direct causation involving the role that the concepts of transfer, let/allow, give permission and permit play. Many interesting and signiicant facts about the syntactic realisation of these were characterised, in particular involving the resolution of argument structure relations across complex multi-verb and multi-event clauses.

And:CONJ their:POSS-ADJ disposition:N on:Prep DET mountain:N Every person found their heart and their character on the mountain. In contrast to the beneicial instances, the afectedness in Example (29), relecting the syntactic occurrence pattern found in the schema (21b), is detrimental to the welfare of the undergoer. hat is, the state has negative consequences for the undergoer. he verb here has an undergoer that is [+human] as the irst participant and a second nominal representing the state that will afect the irst participant.

His example demonstrates caused motion whereby an actor, the ‘x’ argument, causes the undergoer ‘z’ argument to move (from an unspeciied location) to a diferent location encoded by the ‘y’ argument. he change of location involves a transfer of the entity to a new location and is a consequence of the caused motion. he preposition employed here is go ‘to’, and this encodes a sense of path or trajectory to a place. he prepositional object is a full NP and therefore encodes the location. (19) be-at with put Chuir sé Micheál Ó Cléirigh anall go hÉirinn.

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