J. Robert King's Carnival of Fear PDF

By J. Robert King

Within the evil land of l'Morai, 3 carnival performers examine a demise alongside the sideshow boardwalk in the course of a carnival, and their seek finds a conspiracy and ends up in extra murders.

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Hermos winced, his nostrils flaring and his nose crinkling. He peered suspiciously toward the woman, his bony hands clutching bloody linen over the knife wound in his stomach. "Don't worry, Hermos. The salve drives out the spirits," the healer said with a toothy leer. "I thought it might come to this," came a wry voice from the crowded doorway to the caravan. The gawkers lining the wagon looked in shock toward the woman standing at the door. Marie the Blind Juggler stood there with Morcastle at her side.

Jerome began to scoot the filthy pile of rubbish away from the stocks, but a shout came from the boardwalk. "Stop there, you. This is a trial. " Jerome spun about, seeing a gray-haired man whose face was covered with scars from a pox. The man stepped from the boardwalk and strode toward them. He wore a cape of red satin over a tailored suit, white ruffled shirt, gray vest, black woolen breeches, and gray stockings. He had a bushy mustache of near-white hair, tapered at its edges, and blue eyes that sparked with strictness.

Fassioux shot a shocked glance toward his partner. Then, setting his teacup on the table, he stood. "These three freaks . er . . " "Yes, yes," the Puppetmaster replied, lacing his forefingers beneath the leg threads of the marionette. Punchinello began to kick his legs alternately in a peasant dance. "You said that already. " 'Assaulting agents of I'Morai and trespassing outside of the carnival. Freaks are, by law, restricted from leaving the carnival, and any who leave may be punished by execution, in case you have forgotten," the gendarme replied, fiddling with a button on his jerkin.

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