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By Philip Wilkinson

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This amazing booklet explores the heritage and perform of Buddhism, starting with the lifetime of Buddha and carrying on with to the unfold of Buddhism from Asia to the Western global. appealing photos express the rituals, artifacts, and structure which are vital to the Buddhist culture.

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These Buddhists worship the gods in the hope that they will help them in their everyday lives. INNER DEMONS In the Buddhist tradition, demons, known as asuras, are fearsome, weapon-wielding creatures who fight the gods. Buddhists in some places see these demons as forces to be feared, and they carry objects like this amulet to protect themselves. Other Buddhists regard the demons as portrayals of the negative feelings we all have, and which we must try to avoid. The protective figure resembles Yama, who holds the Wheel of Life.

He reminds the gods that when their good kamma runs out they will have to be reborn in a lower realm. NATURE SPIRITS This 100-year-old Burmese folding book shows the variety of different forms taken by the demonic beings known as nats. These supernatural beings are nature spirits with a long history in Burma. Like the gods and goddesses of India, nats have been absorbed into local Buddhist belief. Healing mantras in Burmese script surround the nats. Indra travels on€t he back of a white elephant — a form of transportation fit€for a king.

People cut their way through tons of solid rock to hollow out large halls and shrines. Pillars, statues, and vaulted ceilings have also been carved from the rock inside the cave temples. Vajravira’s body is protected by golden armor. Vajravira at the Taiyuin-byo shrine in northern Honshu CROSSING THE STREAM The walls and roof of this small temple in Ayuthaya in Thailand are reflected in the nearby water. As well as enhancing the beauty of the temple’s surroundings, the water is an important symbol.

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