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By Edmund W. Jupp

ISBN-10: 1841508047

ISBN-13: 9781841508047

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ISBN-13: 9781841508313

The purpose of the "Watching" sequence is to attract recognition to a few of the very fascinating goods round us, issues that maybe we do not realize up to we'd. the 1st was once "Bridge Watching", and while this used to be positioned "on the internet" it produced, to the shock of the writer, one of these friendly flood of e mail that one other used to be written, referred to as "Water Watching". This, too, was once kindly got. So it used to be tempting to proceed with the subject. at any place we move we appear to meet bridges. commonly we have a tendency to use them virtually with out noticing them, other than once we see a very awesome instance just like the suspension bridge over the river Tamar in Devon. there's no try and disguise every little thing approximately bridges, barely enough to make a bridge a extra fascinating item for you, or your digicam, or your paint-box. I do desire it's going to assist you to take pleasure in bridges, anywhere you spot them. they're such great cozy issues to observe, specially if you happen to comprehend anything approximately them. As both a pastime or an highbrow pursuit bridge-watching has a lot to commend it, for individuals of every age and persuasions. you do not have to pay a subscription. you could get pleasure from it by yourself or in corporation, and climate is comparatively unimportant. It does not desire any targeted garments or apparatus. (If you're keen on, you should use box glasses or cameras, and note-books; yet they are not essential). you would like no education, no perform, no training. From all angles, bridge-watching is an enticing hobby, world wide. exit and luxuriate in those attention-grabbing buildings. you'll locate them addictive, within the nicest real way.

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