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Bicycling is the world's major biking journal and connects with thousands of lively, prosperous execs for whom biking is the center piece of a colourful, experiential way of life. Bicycling's particular blend of go back and forth, apparatus, health, type and award-winning tales -- all surrounded by way of brilliant images and framed in stylish layout -- brings the game to lifestyles for passionate readers who take us alongside for each experience.

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You just have to find a balance. Post what you know people want to see, and also what you really want to share. —Jason Sumner W H O T O F O L L O W @GoZwift @emilymaye A relative newcomer to cycling photography (she started in 2011 after snagging a press pass to the Tour of California), Los Angeles-based Emily Maye gives the small moments in cycling indelible impact. With a background in ballet (her mom founded a studio) and a lifelong interest in the history of pro cycling, she fills her Instagram with visual testaments to the grace and dedication both pursuits demand.

It actually became a house for squirrels. In a recent documentary, you say that both pizza makers and bike makers are artisans. How so? It’s doing the same thing over and over for so many years. Most Americans think they can learn stuff in 10 minutes and then move on to the next thing, but it’s superficial knowledge. There’s a huge difference between someone like that and Bruce Gordon or Richard Sachs, people who have been building bicycles for 40 years. ‘ I WAS SO CRAZY, I’D MAKE PIZZA EVERY DAY.

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