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In among fact and phantasm, Predrag Cicovacki rigorously analyzes Kant's contribution to discussions of person and unearths that he was once deeply interested by the systematic improvement of the trendy anthropocentric orientation towards liberation and dominance of the topic. at the different arms, modernity's excessive perfect of common clinical and ethical development grew to become out to be illusory and ill-conceived.

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Yet they inflate the relevance of the subjective factors and underestimate the degree to which truth depends on the way the world is. As a result, they sever ties with reality and make true judgments appear to belong to a consistent but perhaps fictional story. Pragmatists correctly underline the functional role of truth, its connectedness to our needs, intentions, and goals, and its relevance for practical orientation in the world. But, as we shall see, they tend to ignore some of the constraints on the side of the object.

In trying to demonstrate a hypothesis we do not relate it only with a segment of reality which needs to be explained and depicted. Neither commonsense nor scientific observations can be described in neutrallanguage, because common sense and science do not possess such language. Especially in science we should be aware that we always compare and evaluate a hypothesis against its competitor(s). The Ptolomean hypothesis was not replaced by the Copernican because it disagreed with the known facts; otherwise the Ptolomean system would not still be in use today in practical courses in navigation.

Reality itself consists of a fixed and determined totality of mind-independent objects. s This kind of explanation has been defended for more than two thousand years in the Western tradition, and it is hard to deny that there is something appealing about it. It insists on the thoroughly objective character of truth and claims that since truth is the truth of reality, it must thus depend on the way reality is. Despite its initial appeal, the account has always had its opponents as well. In a nutshell, they have argued that the difficulties that emerge when we attempt to develop and defend this explanation are so great that we are better off in rejecting it altogether.

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