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0. 0 and the light is off. 0. 0. The light turns on. 0 51 Motor starter example The following example involves a motor start and stop circuit. The line diagram illustrates how a normally open and a normally closed pushbutton might be used in a control circuit. In this example a motor started (M) is wired in series with a normally open momentary pushbutton (Start), a normally closed momentary pushbutton (Stop), and the normally closed contacts of an overload relay (OL). M OL T1 M OL T2 L1 L2 M L3 Stop Motor OL T3 Start OL M Ma Momentarily depressing the Start pushbutton completes the path of current flow and energizes the motor starter (M).

An access door to the motor, or its associated equipment, is one example of a limit switch’s use. 3 are open and the motor will not start. 0 CPU When the access door is closed, the normally open contacts on the limit switch (LS1) are closed. 3 is now on (logic 1), and the motor will start when the Start pushbutton is pressed. 0 CPU 59 The PLC program can be expanded to accomodate many commercial and industrial applications. Additional Start/Stop Pushbuttons and indicator lights can be added for remote operation, or control of a second motor starter and motor.

When the CPU senses an input is on, the corresponding green indicator is lit. 33 Installing The S7-200 can be installed in one of two ways. A DIN clip allows installation on a standard DIN rail. The DIN clip snaps open to allow installation and snaps closed to secure the unit on the rail. The S7-200 can also be panel mounted using installation holes located behind the access covers. External power supply sources An S7-200 can be connected to either a 24 VDC or a 120/230 VAC power supply depending on the CPU.

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