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Therefore the rule of addition for + Or 3 V2 4 Fourterminal network I Fourterminal network 2 FIG. 5. ^Zn) 1 (Zx + Z2 + . . + Zn) J 0 1 (6-34) The above is form completely general, for example it is possible t h a t Zn = En, etc. (f) PARALLEL CONNECTION OF ADMITTANCES Consider two admittances Yt and Y2 in parallel connection as shown in Fig. 6. I t will be demonstrated t h a t the transmission matrix of the parallel admittances is again of the same form as t h a t of a single element. 35) using the rule of addition; the associated transmission matrix for any number of parallel admittances may be written down by inspection: \AB\ 1 =4 0 + Γ .

Networks Containing Mutual Inductance (a) INDUCTIVELY COUPLED CIRCUITS, GENERAL A network containing mutual inductance may be represented by a T network. Conventional network symbolism shows an inductively coupled circuit in Fig. 1a, and the equivalent + o- 1 ΛΜΛν R2 V W W R. FIG. 2-M) VWv R2 o+ 3 V, 4 —o- F I G . 1& Equivalent T network 36 BASIC MATRIX ALGEBRA AND TRANSISTOR CIRCUITS T network analogy in Fig. 16. The latter is particularly convenient for deriving the transmission matrix by straightforward loop analysis.

1a; corresponding linear models in form of active T networks are shown in Fig. 1c. I n the former the internal active element is represented as a current source and in the latter as a voltage source. The configuration of Fig. 1c will be used in subsequent analysis.

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