Ba Gua: Hidden Knowledge in the Taoist Internal Martial Art by John Bracy PDF

By John Bracy

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This booklet offers a historical past of Ba Gua--a infrequent, mysterious, and strong type of kung fu--covering its nature and which means, and the metaphysical and symbolic elements of the self-discipline. a hundred and fifty photographs.

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It is interesting to look at parallel development occurring in T'ai Chi Ch'uan during the same period. Douglas Wile has made an extensive examination of the historicity of the Yang style. 44 "In the case of Ba Gua as in select T'ai Chi and Hsing I circles, a genre of martial-intellectuals emerged who sought to merge their art with ultimate principles of health and life. They developed ideas that supported a grand philosophy congruent with their martial art merging with Taoist yogic practices. Drawing of a Taoist yogi taken from an ancient text.

Author Liu (left) practicing Ba Gua with Master Wang Wen-Kuei, 1977. So as not to distort their meaning, some difficult-to-translate arcane references have been literally translated in this section. " Ba Gua as Taoist Yogic Practice The previous chapter examined the Taoist yogic roots of Ba Gua Zhang. This chapter looks at the application of Taoist yogic theory and practice to Ba Gua Zhang and the internal martial arts. 31 BA GUA Tao yin One of the most important discoveries of the ancient Taoists was the direct manipulation of internal qi.

This idea continues to the present. As recently as 1992, Ken Fish, an American master of martial arts, discussed internal power (anjing) and the concept of hidden strength. " 34 This trend of minimizing the mystical or spiritual aspects of martial arts is now popular in many "internal" martial art circles. The prevailing notion that anything involving the idea of qi was superstitious, a folk belief of a bygone era, is significant since qi was the cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine as well as the basis of the traditional internal martial arts.

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