Away Laughing on a Fast Camel: Even More Confessions of by Louise Rennison PDF

By Louise Rennison

ISBN-10: 0060589361

ISBN-13: 9780060589363

ISBN-10: 0061703060

ISBN-13: 9780061703065

The intercourse God has left the rustic, taking Georgia's center with him. So she comes to a decision to reveal glaciosity to all boys -- a woman can in basic terms have her center damaged such a lot of instances. till she meets Masimo, the hot singer for the Stiff Dylans. The intercourse God is long gone, yet the following comes the Dreamboat, and Georgia's away giggling on a quick camel (whatever that means).

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We sat on the knicker toaster in the blodge lab and the ace gang had a look at the letter. ” I just looked at her. “And it’s really interesting about the molten steam and the geothermal . . ” 46 I just looked at her again. Rosie said, “Forget him, he’s obsessed with marsupials. When he comes back he’ll be playing a didgeridoo and be like Rolf Harris. ” Walking home with Jas. I said to her, “I cannot believe my life. ” Jas looked thoughtful (crikey) and then she said something almost bordering on the very nearly not mad.

Walking home with Jas and Rosie when we saw 55 Dave the Laugh and Rollo and Tom. Jas went ludicrously girlish, even though she has been seeing Hunky for about a zillion years. I should know—I am like that bloke, Pepys’s mate . . Boswell, who had to write down all the boring stuff that Pepys did because he was his secretary or something. I could write a diary about Jas. ” I had a bit of a nervy spaz when I saw Dave. He was all cool. Rats. ” I gave him my glacial look but he just winked at me. I couldn’t smile even if I wanted to because I had got so much lurker eradicator (panstick) on that I couldn’t move my face.

That must be the cosmic request shop. Fab! I would go light a candle and plead for mine and Robbie’s love. I went up and got my candle and lit it, ready for action, but an elderly lady was kneeling right in front of the display thing. I could hear her mumbling. She had a head scarf on. On and on she went, mumble mumble. Bit greedy, really. She must have had a whole list of stuff to ask for. Ho hum, pig’s bum. 22 I knelt down behind her because I was feeling a bit exhausted. I had, after all, been up since the crack of dawn.

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