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By Mathieu Paquier, Vincent Koehl

Authors: Paquier, Mathieu; Koehl, Vincent
Affiliation: college of Brest (UEB), Plouzané, France
AES conference: 128 (May 2010)
Paper quantity: 8147
Publication Date: might 1, 2010
Subject: Listening checks and overview Psychoacoustics

This learn goals at comparing the audibility of spectral variations caused by means of moderate yet life like adjustments within the headphone place over a listener’s ears. Recordings were played on a dummy head on which four assorted headphone types have been put eight instances each one. Musical excerpts and red noise have been performed over the headphones and recorded with microphones situated on the front of the blocked ear canal. those recordings have been then awarded to listeners over a unmarried attempt headphone. the themes needed to investigate the recordings in a 3I3AFC job to discriminate among the various headphone positions. the implications point out that, regardless of the headphone version or the excerpt, the ameliorations brought on by diversified positions have been constantly perceived.

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