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Mainstream technological know-how has lengthy brushed aside astrology as primitive superstition. but, from day-by-day horoscopes to customized superstar forecasts, astrology nonetheless performs a vital position in organizing many people's daily lives. There has, besides the fact that, been no convincing clarification of its attraction. Astrology, technology and Culture ultimately fills this hole. Willis and Curry take on astrology's wealthy background, its complex dating to psychology, and its makes an attempt to end up its personal validity. They argue that astrology has its roots within the Neolithic tradition of Europe and the center East yet, faraway from being a relic of years passed by, it nonetheless demanding situations its opponents' unquestioning trust in traditional sleek technological know-how. Groundbreaking in its reconciliation of astrology's historic traditions and its modern day utilization, this booklet impressively unites philosophy, technological know-how, anthropology, and background. it's the first exploration of the intimate connection of humankind and the celebrities from the sunrise of pre-history to the current day.

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A similar patterned commingling of cosmic elements is to be found in the pre-scientific foundations of all human cultures, including our own, ‘Western’ one. Inveterate Dualism The sub-science of mythology has come a long way since Max Müller’s nineteenthcentury project of reducing all mythical stories to expressions of primeval sunworship. The grandeur of humankind’s mythic heritage later became a preoccupation of such famous twentieth-century names as Carl Jung, Mircea Eliade and Joseph Campbell, all of them concerned to demonstrate the universality of mythic themes, an idea most abstractly formulated in Jung’s famous concept of ‘collective unconscious’, a hypostasized entity that unfortunately reflects the inveterate mind/matter dualism millennially inherent in ‘Western’ civilization.

Whether perceived as male or female, the moon is everywhere and in all eras associated with women and their menstrual cycle. On this association see also the scholarly work of Shuttle and Redgrove (1978). Cf. the thirteen marks on the lunar-crescent horn held aloft by the Palaeolithic goddess figure at Laussel (p. 20 in this volume). See also evidence from the Americas and the ancient Near East, below. The original meaning of the term that has come down to us in the Latin form Virgo, denoted a free and independent woman.

Drawing on a wealth of sources ranging from the Edda and Kalevala collections of ancient Europe, the mythic traditions of Greece, the Near East and the Orient, the codices of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations and the Incan traditions, and a host of ethnographic materials worldwide, the authors build – 44 – Actors on the Celestial Stage a powerful case for the existence of a global human culture in prehistoric times. Writing as they did before the remarkable work of Marshack, Gimbutas, Sjöö and Mor, among others, the authors can hardly be blamed for seriously under-estimating the temporal depth of that universal civilization which would now seem to have originated in the Palaeolithic world of 50,000 years ago, and possibly earlier.

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