Assassination: The Royal Family's 1000-Year Curse by David Maislish PDF

By David Maislish

ISBN-10: 1780031483

ISBN-13: 9781780031484

By no means instructed earlier than, Assassination is the revelation of a 1000-year curse that has shaken the monarchy from Canute to Elizabeth II. After years of painstaking examine, David Maislish uncovers the homicide or tried homicide of each unmarried King and Queen. here's English historical past with no the issues that despatched us to sleep at school; as an alternative delivered to lifestyles with a chain of royal murders and close to murders. learn how 1 / 4, probably as many as part, of our Kings and Queens have been killed - even one within the 20th century. it's all in Assassination - the Royal Family's 1000-year curse.

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