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By Jiddu Krishnamurti

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This identify features a sequence of eight lectures, given in Ojai, California in 1955, from one of many twentieth century's maximum philosophers and lecturers. Krishnamurti confronts the common greedy and harassed brain which lies on the root of all violence and agony. although provided over fifty years in the past, the guidelines in those talks are clean, proper and supply a permanent message for at the present time as Krishnamurti discusses an international within which booming productiveness and clinical development should still promise a contented destiny, yet don't.He issues additionally to the continuing escalation of conflict, festival, envy and territoriality regardless of profits in schooling, non secular ecumenism and the applied sciences of self-improvement. He asks his listeners to contemplate that each one obvious growth is just one other phantasm. of their brilliantly transparent essays, his concentration is singular, without glib solutions to everlasting questions. To learn this publication is to enterprise into the unexplored assumptions that govern our lives. The workings of the brain are so basic and seen in J Krishnamurti's causes, but so drastically not easy to confront. Like different vintage texts, equivalent to non secular scriptures, the phrases ring actual. the problems addressed contain: the character of violence; the matter of switch; the conditioning of the brain; easy methods to in achieving "peace"; the character of worship and religious perform; and the way to actually hear.

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