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By Iain Stuart Abernethy

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Form E 41 Arm-Locks for All Styles Wrist-Lock 5 Figure 17 Push the opponent’s arm downward with your lead arm (Figure 17). Maintain contact as you quickly bring your other arm underneath (Figure 18). Seize and pull the opponent’s wrist as you deliver a palm heel strike (Figure 19). Drop your striking arm onto the opponent’s arm in order to bend it (Figure 20). Push on the opponent’s wrist so that their arm is bent around your forearm. Grab your own forearm as you bend the opponent’s wrist with your other hand.

Bend the opponent’s wrist and elbow as you move to the side (Figure 41). Place your bicep on the back of the opponent’s upper arm and then place your free hand on the back of the opponent’s hand. Pull inwards with both hands to lock the opponent’s wrist joint (Figure 42). Figure 40 51 Arm-Locks for All Styles Figure 42 Figure 41 52 Chapter 5 Straight Arm-Locks I n this chapter we will look at locks that attack the arms when they are straight. All of these techniques work by attempting to hyper-extend the elbow joint, with the exact method used depending upon what effect is desired.

If we are to be able to utilise the arm-locks recorded in the forms, we must engage in realistic, non-compliant training. Practising the forms is not enough. • We can use the forms to record arm-locks derived from other sources / arts because they will be based on the same principles as those in the forms. • Principles are more important than techniques. We should endeavour to understand the principles expressed by the techniques of the forms, and the infinite ways in which they can be applied.

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