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Warning: You will lose all data on the hard drive when you reinitialize it. Back up the data first if possible. No: Go to next step. Bad hard drive, cables, or cable connections. If you don’t see the hard drive using Drive Setup: 1. Check all cable connections to and from the hard drive. 2. Replace the HD/CD/DVD data cable. 3. Replace the hard drive. 4. Replace the hard drive power cable. 5. Replace the logic board. If the problem persists, go on to the next step. Troubleshooting Symptom/Cure Tables:Startup Problems Before the Finder Appears This problem refers to a system that begins a normal startup process with a boot chime and normal display, but then freezes before the Finder appears.

If the phone line works, you will hear a dial tone until you press the Return key, at which time the modem will report NO CARRIER. A No Carrier message means the phone line was successfully opened. Other things that can be done here are: • Call another modem to verify connections. • Call a working phone number to see if you can successful connect to an outside line. • Use the ATI1-17 commands to check firmware versions and modem features. • Use ATZ to reset the modem back to its original configuration.

Measure the following voltages at J7 on the logic board: 1. Pin 2: +12 volts 2. Pin 4: +5 volts 3. 3 volts Testing Voltages at J7 on the Logic Board Troubleshooting Testing for Power - 8 Testing the Power/Analog Board Fuse First remove the bottom housing, front outer bezel, and the top rear housing to access the power/analog board. The fuse is located near the AC plug. Warning: You must unplug the iMac to do a continuity test at the power supply board fuse. You will need an ohm meter to do a continuity test on the power supply board fuse.

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