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By S. Jorgensen

Sixteen classes with sixty three illustrations. Come alongside, gun disarming, rnife disarming, nerve strain issues, dying blows, chokehold holiday, headlock breaks, risky strategy.

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He was highly kindness, Hao Wei Chen taught Sun Lu impressed by the evasive maneuvers used Tang his style of tai chi, Wu Yu Xian. in the art and was accepted by Cheng Ting Sun Lu Tang went on to integrate this tai Hua as a student to learn the art. His chi with xing yi and ba gua. The result was studies made him very skilled. the Sun style of tai chi. It is famous In 1891, Sun Lu Tang took his teacher’s throughout the world and is less diluted than advice and began to make a living by many styles of tai chi because Sun Lu Tang teaching martial arts.

He is represented by water and clouds. His time of year is winter. 5. Gen: Keeping Still Gen is most influenced by yin energy, although that of yang is still present. Gen is therefore said to be the youngest son in the family. His essence is in the stillness that is characterized by a mountain. His time of year is late winter to early spring. The Roots of Tai Chi 37 6. Xun: the Gentle The yin lines now start to feature more, so the female principle dominates. Xun is the daughter most influenced by yang energy, so she is the eldest.

Large that your head moves. Tai Chi Practice: Getting Started 59 Swinging the Arms This exercise loosens your upper body and massages the ming-men and tan-tien points, both of which are considered vital for a healthy life by energy healers. 1. Start in an easy standing position. 2. Begin the exercise by rotating your waist backward and forward. 3. As the rotations increase in size, allow your arms to lift with the momentum of the rotation. Remember that your arms should be moved by your waist—do not swing them outward.

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