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By Carol Bernstein, Harris Bernstein

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Why organisms age and why sexual replica exists are significant unsolved difficulties in biology. This e-book offers an built-in rationalization of getting older and intercourse in line with present wisdom of DNA harm and service. Key positive aspects* Discusses the universality of the matter of DNA harm* Describes getting older due to collected DNA harm* Considers meiosis as an edition for DNA fix* Discusses mating in Read more...

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F o r the D N A p o l y m e r a s e to act, the t w o parental D N A strands must first b e c o m e at least partially u n w o u n d at an origin of replication. If an origin o c c u r s at a position in the D N A other than at the e n d s , D N A synthesis can p r o c e e d from the origin in two directions. If synthesis is in only one direction, the region of D N A synthesis is referred to as a unidirectional replication fork; if synthesis is carried out in both directions, the replication is referred to as bidirectional.

2 . Sarasin and H a n a w a l t (1980) studied replication of U V - 30 I Immediate Consequences of DNA Damage irradiated simian virus 40 (SV40) in m o n k e y kidney cells. Their results indicated that replication was blocked at the first pyrimidine dimer e n c o u n t e r e d in one parental strand. Synthesis, h o w e v e r , was not inhibited along the c o m p l e m e n t a r y parental strand at the same position in the D N A . T h e size of the newly synthesized D N A s t r a n d s , which at first was equivalent to the inter dimer spacing, increased markedly at later times.

B), increases about threefold u p o n differentation. E v e n though the level of D N A repair for some types of damage in n e u r o n s is low, this repair might be sufficient to cope with D N A d a m a g e s if they o c c u r at a low rate in t h e s e cells. T h u s , to relate D N A damage to aging, a net accumulation of damages needs to be demonstrated. E v i d e n c e for such accumulation is reviewed in this chapter, Section I I L B . D . L o w D N A Repair M a y Reflect Competition for E n e r g y R e s o u r c e s In this section, we discuss an evolutionary rationale for low D N A repair in brain cells and muscle cells.

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