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By Martin J. Boord, Rig-'Dzin Rdo-Rje, Rig-'Dzin Rgod-Ldem, Rig-'Dzin Padma 'Phrin-Las

ISBN-10: 3942380056

ISBN-13: 9783942380058

This crucial choice of teachings from the Northern Treasures Vajrakila cycle contains liturgical perform texts (sadhana) from the unique treasure revelations, including explanatory notes and commentaries by means of the seventeenth century grasp Padma 'phrin-las on how you can take those practices right into a closed retreat and hire them for the top good thing about oneself and all residing beings. Having develop into empowered within the mandala of Vajrakila through a grasp guru, trainees may perhaps use the skillful esoteric suggestions, defined herein, that allows you to advance a profound experiential walk in the park of the real nature of fact. those texts are manuals, designed to be studied through disciplined people who desire to educate themselves in skilful altruism. they're conventional tools for overcoming the instincts of egoistic self-interest, permitting the brain to turn into focussed at the common welfare of the realm, in order that useful adjustments of significant social worth might be led to in either proposal and behavior. Painstakingly researched and annotated, this quantity contains English translations of 8 very important texts, including a lot of the unique Tibetan. in the directions for the coaching and security of the retreat region are hitherto unpublished information of the capability to suppress some of the periods of afflicting demons (sri) which are power factors of downfall for all tantric yogins. this is often an historical and very important point of vajrayana ritual perform that has been a lot missed beforehand.

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E HOM Within the hub of the triangle at the centre of that palace VAJRA TAM PADMA SURYA CANDRAMANPALA RUDRA KRODHI TlRAVAM there stands a mighty vajra rock on top of which there is a lotus, a sun, a moon disc and cushions of arrogant Rudra and his wife piled askew, one on top of another. As the causal syllable HUM descends and lands upon that throne HUM SPHARANA PHAT the HUM expands with rays of light which reach out to all the buddhas. Gathering back together again, they gather up the blessings of the buddhas' speech and this melts into that syllable HUM.

Not only that, the astrological texts diffused in Tibet, which are supposed to have come from China, do not exist, even by name, in China, and I wonder whether they were not fabricated by a Tibetan. 399-400. My thanks to Guilaine Mala for the reference and translation. xxxiii xxxiv It appears that the full text of the 'Byung ba rin chen kun 'dus is no longer extant. It was evidently of great interest to Dalai Lama V, and relied upon heavily by his regent Sangs-rgyas rgya-mtsho as well as by Lo-chen Dhar­ masri (1654-1718) in their astrological writings, and then, again, by our author Padma 'phrin-las, all three of whom were proteges of Dalai Lama V.

The first of these texts outlines the procedures for the ritual of sub­ jugation, while the second (refered to by the author as 'the appendix') details the manufacture of the paper effigy (linga) for use in the rite. 24 Our author's other sources include, as we have seen, the oral instructions of his teacher, Dalai Lama V, as well as a mys­ terious text called The Gathering of all Precious Elements CByung ba rin chen kun 'dus). According to legend, the bodhisattva Mafijusri taught five primary tantras of divination: sDong po dgu 'dus shing gi rgyud (the tantra of wood), sNang gsal sgron me me'i rgyud (the tantra of fire), Rin chen kun 'dus sa'i rgyud (the tantra of earth), Ba la patra lcags gi rgyud (the tantra 24 The importance of Padma 'Phrin-Ias' work to the Tibetan tradition as a whole can be judged by the fact that it was extensively plagiarised and re­ presented in a combined text entitled Byang phur sri mnan yi dam drag po gang la'ang sbyar du rung ba'i lag len 'don 'grigs dkyus gcig tu bsdeb pa 'bar ba'i brjid gnon thog brtsegs by Padma gar-dbang-rtsal ('Jam-mgon skong-sprul blo-gros mtha'-yas) and transmitted in the Rin chen gter mdzod.

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A Roll of Thunder From the Void: Vajrakila texts of the Northern Treasures Tradition by Martin J. Boord, Rig-'Dzin Rdo-Rje, Rig-'Dzin Rgod-Ldem, Rig-'Dzin Padma 'Phrin-Las

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