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By Martinez P., Klotz A., Demers t.A.

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High-performance charged-couple machine (CCD) cameras have unfolded a thrilling new window at the Universe for newbie astronomers. This publication presents a whole, self-contained consultant to picking and utilizing CCD cameras. starting with a no-nonsense creation to CCD cameras, the authors clarify what determines digital camera functionality and show how you can use a CCD digital camera and properly calibrate the pictures acquired. The ebook additionally provides a transparent overview of the software program on hand for visualizing, studying and processing electronic photos. eventually, the authors navigate a sequence of key parts in astronomy the place astronomers could make the easiest use of CCD cameras. this convenient quantity is jam-packed with sensible suggestions. It offers a transparent advent to CCD astronomy for beginners and an integral reference for more matured novice astronomers.

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It is at opposition on 1 January and at quadrature on 1 May. What is its distance from the Sun in astronomical units? Assume circular orbits. Could an actual planet have such an orbit? Explain. Page 30 211. , clockwise as viewed from the northern ecliptic pole) and had a sidereal period of 90 days. What would be its synodic period? 212. The sidereal periods of revolution of Jupiter and Saturn are approximately 12 and 30 years, respectively. On a particular date, their respective heliocentric longitudes are equal.

371. High tide in the Boston harbor occurred at 01h 30m on 1 November. On 5 November a high tide can be anticipated at (a) 05h 40m; (b) 03h 10m; (c) 17h 15m; (d) 15h 35m. 372. Which of the following astronomical events is most likely to cause an earthquake: (a) perigee passage of the new or full Moon; (b) alignment of the outer planets (at approximately the same right ascension); (c) a solar flare; (d) an inferior conjunction of Venus? 373. What is meant by the statement that "the Moon is at the ascending node of its orbit"?

313. An astronaut at the center of the Moon's face (as seen from the Earth) observes the Sun on the western horizon. Therefore, the phase of the Moon (in Earth observer's terms) is (a) last quarter; (b) full; (c) new; (d) first quarter. 314. A photograph of the Moon shows one portion dark and the remainder bright. How can one distinguish between a phase of the monthly cycle and a partial eclipse? 315. Even during a total eclipse of the Moon by the Earth, the Moon can be seen faintly illuminated.

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