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By Peter Doig

The aim of this quantity is to supply in a concise demeanour yet as comprehensively as attainable an updated account of price to the final reader looking a data of the advance of the technology of astronomy, on the way to even be a convenient reference publication worthwhile to scholars as a checklist of the most occasions and of the manager paintings of person astronomers.

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This book is based on the results of previous astronomers, especially those of I-lipparchus. Ptolemy adopted the hypothesis of a fixed spherical Earth and assumed that it is Dluch the largest of the heavenly bodies, although nlerely a point in comparison with the distance of the fixed stars. In his system, a planet revolves unifornl1y in a circle (epicycle) the centre of which n~\'oh'cs IIniforrnly nn another cin:lc (the defcrc~nt) round. a 4· 38 HISTORY OF ASTRONOMY point not coincident with the Earth (eccentric).

Rhe estimates of brightness of the stars in this cahtloguc have been thought so n~uch of tha t S0111C nlodern astronOlllers have used thCl1l. to try to find whether there have been any secular changes in the light of certain stars. Al Sufi \vas the first to n~ention the visibility of the hazy spot of light no\v known as Messier 31, a great external galaxy (See p. 303). gest. It is not a copy of Ptolen~y's work, being \vritten on a different plan. otion kno\vn as the ('V arIa . t·Ion. " '-rl· 11S ,vas not ta.

1 IHeans 2 tinles (~n lllus 1. ~1. , that eclipses recur after a period, knovn1. ros," consisting of 6585 days, or 18 of our years plus 10 or 11 clays according as four or five leap-years are included. ~rhis is very nearly equal to 228 synodic I11onths. ewhere on the earth. lcula tion. using a kucJ\vleclge of the 111otions of the Sun and Moon. i\s solar eclipses, recurring at. ken to apply to Solar as "veIl as I"unar eclipses. ia have been put to good use in letter tilnes. ts l)ec~n fc)und to 1)c at the rate of about l/U)()(Hh of a s(~cond per century.

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