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By W.K. Gross

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Довольно любопытный каталог монет одной из стран Британского Содружества.

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1. raised; border of dots. 1 26 GREEK COINS No. Metal. 87 E *88 3_ Size. Size. Obverse. Weiglit. * * * Similar. 17 Reverse. ** Athlete running 1. [holding in r. palm], 1. down and back as in running. (Obscure). , radiate, draped. CORIN Fox (6), no. 12. , lion-skin around neck, club behind neck. Pegasos flying r. of Conf Coins. , border of dots. , harpa and chlamys in 1. Fox (6), no. 24, pl. I, 12. 1 C. OMITIANVS AVG ... , laureate. 1 21-22 IMP CAESDOMIT AVG GERM COL IVL... , laureate. Pegasos flying r.

Size. Wegh. Weight. E 18, 20 242 JE 19 *243 E 12 *244 _E 17, 18 No. of Coi. Coins. Reverse. Obverse. , in lion-skin. ; r. hand crowning horse; below, A/ (2 coins obscure) Cf. McCl. 3609. C. ; 4) below. skin. on horse stepping r. ) Cf. 3656. ; 4> below. ear [and horn]. Naked rider on horse prancing r. Cf. 3652. 1 Head of Poseidon r. , A below A, harpa (1). Cf. McCl. 3653; Hunter p. 343, nos. 4 and 5. C. , in rAIOY M (monogram of Gaius crested Athenian helmet. , head full-face ; below,' (monogram of Bottiaea).

P. 117, no. 108. 1 1 47 GREEK COINS No. Metal. Size Weight. 276 E 22, 23 Reverse. Obverse XAAKI .... , with headdress of three rows of pearls, set on Ionic capital. Cf. C. (Cent. ), p. 117, nos. ). N KAI... , laureate. C. Eretria. 277 o of Coins. EYBOI EnN above and below bull butting r. C. (Cent. ), pp. 98-99, nos. 39-44; McCl. 5717-5719. , veiled. C. , wearing ear- ISTI .... Nymph Histiaea seatring, necklace, and vine-wreath; ed r. on stern of vessel, holding hair rolled. stylis (details obscure).

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