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Every form of karate, tae kwon do, kung fu, or different martial artwork contains the down block as a part of its kata, or types. The types are related sufficient that martial artists will realize them as down blocks, even if the categorical block seems to be varied from their very own sort. Taken jointly, those blocks make up a "universe of hundreds" of alternative diversifications at the uncomplicated block

75 Down Blocks explores this universe to seem for the underlying ideas universal to all down blocks.

Author Rick Clark examines seventy-five various attainable diversifications at the easy down block—with examples on how one can use the down block to guard opposed to twelve different types of attacks—from wrist grabs and punches to kicks and assaults with a stick.

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Once your arm is past the leg strike back on the leg with your elbow. DEFENSE AGAINST A KICK Figure 2-S: Continue the motion of your elbow strike so your fist strikes the back of the opponent's upper thigh and forces him toward the ground. Figure 2-6: If you maintain your grip on the opponent's leg, you will be able to continue on with another technique if it is needed. " By thinking outside of the box, you will be able to find options for defensive movements that might otherwise not be apparent.

If he does attack with his right hand, his arm will have to travel a greater distance before it reaches your body. Since his arm has to travel farther, you'll have more time to react to the aggressive movement. In such a situation, you should expect your opponent to initiate his attack with his left hand, because it is the closest part of his body to you. If you know the attack will most likely come from his left hand, you are in a better position to respond to his aggressive movement. This doesn't mean that your opponent will not attack with his right hand, or even attack with either foot.

DEFENSE AGAINST A KICK TECHNIQUE 1 The most basic of applications for a down block is often described as a block to a front kick. " It is a low-level explanation, and even a cursory examination of the technique will demonstrate serious flaws. Figure 1-1 : Here your opponent is facing you in a free-sparring stance, with a considerable distance between the two of you. r~gure 1-2: You observe your opponent preparing to deliver a front kick. You pull your left hand back toward your right ear, and your right hand moves forward.

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