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The heat remains stored in water from which it can be extracted at night; a water heater is not needed. This heat storage is improved by the presence of a greater mass of water in the pipe loop; some systems include a storage tank for this reason. Because the system is designed to operate during the heating season with water supplied at a temperature as low as 15°C, the water-loop heat pump lends itself to solar assist; relatively high solar collector efficiencies result from the low water temperature.

Poorly installed return duct connections, for example, can significantly reduce the performance of a dehumidifier. The following duct construction practices apply to natatoriums: • Fiberglass duct liner should not be used. Where condensation may occur the insulation must be applied to the exterior of the duct. • Duct materials and hardware must be resistant to chemical corrosion from the pool atmosphere. The 400 series stainless steels are readily attacked by chlorides in moist environments. The 300 series stainless steel, painted galvanized, or aluminum sheet metal may be used for exposed duct systems.

Exhausting from directly above whirlpools is also desirable. Exhaust air should be taken directly to the outside, through heat recovery devices where provided. 1) and be installed in locations selected to prevent condensation in the filter bank. Filter media and support materials should be resistant to moisture degradation. • Air systems may be designed for noise levels of NC 45-50, however, wall, floor, and ceiling surfaces should be evaluated for their attenuation effect. Envelope Design Glazing in exterior walls becomes susceptible to condensation when the outdoor temperature drops below the pool room dew point.

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